AltaVista in 1996

AltaVista in 1996
AltaVista 1996

In December 1995 in the Digital Equipment Corporation research laboratories, a team of researchers led by Louise Monier and Michael Burrows created the AltaVista search engine. Thanks to high-performance hardware, AltaVista was able to perform a quick full-text search across a wide range of websites.

In 1997, the first free online translator Babel Fish became part of AltaVista. In 2003, AltaVista was taken over by Yahoo! and due to Google's dominant position among search engines, the AltaVista project was terminated on July 8, 2013.

AltaVista 1996 – 2004
AltaVista in Internet Archive
AltaVista 1996
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AltaVista timeline 1996 – 2004
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