Microsoft FrontPage 1.1

In June 1996, Microsoft released the Microsoft FrontPage 1.1 WYSIWYG website editor.

FrontPage was originally developed by Vermeer Technologies, which released its first version in November 1995. In January 1996, Vermeer was bought by Microsoft and in June 1996 it released a modified version of the editor called Microsoft FrontPage 1.1. Microsoft expected that by expanding its software portfolio with a WYSIWYG editor, it would gain a significant advantage over Netscape in the upcoming browser war.

Microsoft FrontPage 1.1 included new features such as WYSIWYG table supportHTML framesWYSIWYG image alignment, auto recalculate links, integration with Microsoft Office, FrontPage Editor, FrontPage Explorer, Personal Web Server, and more.

Microsoft FrontPage 1.1

About FrontPage Editor


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Release Date

  • June 1996

System Requirements


  • Windows 95 or Windows NT (version 3.51 or higher)
  • PC with a 486DX-66 or higher or a Pentium
  • 16 MB of RAM


  • $149