Netscape 6.0

On November 14, 2000, Netscape Communications Corporation released the web browser Netscape 6.0. The browser was created with Netscape’s new Gecko browsing engine software. It was the first web browser to combine browsing, e-mail, and instant messaging in a seamless, integrated fashion.

The browser included many new features such as Powerful Search, My Sidebar, Netscape MailNetscape Instant Messenger powered by AOL Instant Messenger, and Netscape Composer.

Netscape 6.0 also fully supported web standards including HTML 4.0, CSS1, XML, W3C DOM Level 0 and 1, JavaScript 1.5, and RDF.

Netscape 6.0

Empty Page

My Sidebar



Instant Messenger


Address Book


Find in This Page

Classic Theme

Classic Theme – My Sidebar

Release Date

  • November 14, 2000

System Requirements


  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows NT 4.0
  • Pentium, 133 MHz, 64 MB of RAM


  • Mac OS 8.5, Mac OS 8.6, or Mac OS 9 with PowerPC, 200 MHz PowerPC 604 or G3
  • 64 MB of RAM, with virtual memory turned on (or 48 MB of dynamic RAM)


  • Red Hat Linux 6.1
  • Pentium, 133 MHz, 64 MB of RAM


  • Free download from