Internet Explorer 3.0

On August 13, 1996, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 3.0 for the Windows platform and on January 8, 1997, was launched a version for Mac OS. IE 3.0 was the first to have the iconic blue e logo.

New apps such as Internet Mail and News, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Comic Chat, and RealPlayer were integrated into Internet Explorer 3.0. The latest versions also included Windows Media Player and Microsoft NetMeeting.

The browser included new features such as borderless and floating frames, ActiveX objects, Java applets, JScript, and a new customizable user interface. IE 3.0 also supported some popular Netscape plugins (e.g. Macromedia Shockwave or Acrobat Reader).

Internet Explorer 3.0 was the first commercial browser to support CSS, but this support was only partial.

Internet Explorer 3.0

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Internet Properties

Internet Mail


Pepsi website in 1996

McDonald’s website in 1996

Release Date

  • Windows 95, NT 4: August 13, 1996
  • Mac Os: January 8, 1997

System Requirements


  • Windows 3.1
  • Windows 95
  • Windows NT 3.x
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • 386 required, 486 recommended to run the browser only, 486 required to run the browser and Java VM


  • System 7.0
  • Mac OS 8


  • 4 MB RAM for browser-only installation, 8 MB recommended
  • 8 MB RAM for browser and Java VM, 12 MB recommended
  • 4 MB for browser-only
  • 6 MB for browser and Java VM
  • 15 MB for full installation
  • 14,400 bps or faster modem (28,800 bps recommended)


  • Free download from Microsoft website or $19.99 for an Internet Starter Kit for Windows 95 (included Internet Explorer 3.0)