On April 22, 1996, the Norwegian company Opera Software released the browser Opera 2.0. The browser was publicly announced by Jon von Tetzschner and the user interface was only in Norwegian. Opera 2.0 included new features such as NNTP client and SMTP client.

On April 10, 1995, it was demonstrated publicly at WWW 1995 conference new MultiTorg Opera 1.0 web browser that used MDI (Multiple Document Interface) technology. The use of MDI enabled users to simultaneously open several windows of webpages within the browser. As of version 2.0, the browser’s name was shortened to Opera.

Opera 2.0

Empty Page

New Page

Save As


Direct Addressing

Multiple Document Interface

The World’s First Website in Opera 2.0

Release Date

  • April 22, 1996

System Requirements


  • Windows 95
  • Minimum 386 PC (486 PC recommended)
  • 6 MB RAM (8 MB recommended)
  • 2 MB of disk space available (4 MB recommended)


  • Freeware